Nokia 1 - Software activities in Nokia Technology Center for Mobile Networks

Companie: Nokia

Ore: 3/săptămână

Număr de locuri laborator: 18

Descriere: Familiarizarea cu diversele tehnologii dezvoltate în Nokia Technology Center pentru rețelele de comunicații mobile.

Domeniu: Programare / Telecom


  1. Clean Object Oriented Design with C#;
  2. Scripting with Linux and GIT;
  3. PowerBI: Automate the data collection and presentation
  4. Writing module tests with GMock/GTest framework;
  5. Explore Modern C++11 Features and Functionalities;
  6. Introduction to System Engineering & System Architecture
  7. Develop a game.


  1. Hands on object oriented design, clean code and unit testing experience with C#;
  2. Learn to tame a Linux DEV environment using Bash and Python scripts, together with GIT;
  3. Creating amazing data experiences: Easily connect to, model, and visualize your data, creating memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand;
  4. Introduction in GMock/GTest framework. How to write a module test on Nokia BTS OAM product code;
  5. Exploring and Experimenting with C++11 features and functionalities regarding classes: default, explicit and deleted class methods (constructors, copy and move constructors as well as assignment operators - the difference between classical copy and move actions and std::copy and std::move functions provided by the new standard), virtual destructors (within inheritance and polymorphism use cases). experimenting with C++11 features (STL containers and new functionalities);
  6. Understanding of system engineering discipline in terms of process and development of complex systems.
  7. Develop a game using web technologies.

Metoda de selecție:
Test + interviu


  • C++;
  • C#;
  • Python;
  • Linux;
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript.