Nokia 1 - Software activities in Nokia Technology Center for Mobile Networks

Companie: Nokia

Ore: 3/săptămână

Număr de locuri laborator: 12

Descriere: Familiarizarea cu diversele tehnologii dezvoltate în Nokia Technology Center pentru rețelele de comunicații mobile.

Domeniu: Programare / Telecom


  1. Clean Object Oriented Design with C#;
  2. Scripting with Linux and GIT;
  3. Writing Scenario level testing based on PyTest framework
  4. Writing module tests with GMock/GTest framework;
  5. Explore Modern C++11 Features and Functionalities;
  6. Introduction to System Engineering & System Architecture
  7. Cloud & Kubernetes


  1. Hands on object oriented design, clean code and unit testing experience with C#;
  2. Learn to tame a Linux DEV environment using Bash and Python scripts, together with GIT;
  3. Creating amazing data experiences: Easily connect to, model, and visualize your data, creating memorable reports personalized with your KPIs and brand;
  4. Introduction in GMock/GTest framework. How to write a module test on Nokia BTS OAM product code;
  5. Exploring and Experimenting with C++11 features and functionalities regarding classes: default, explicit and deleted class methods (constructors, copy and move constructors as well as assignment operators - the difference between classical copy and move actions and std::copy and std::move functions provided by the new standard), virtual destructors (within inheritance and polymorphism use cases). experimenting with C++11 features (STL containers and new functionalities);
  6. Understanding of system engineering discipline in terms of process and development of complex systems.
  7. Learning how using cloud and virtualization can help any developer easily create any environment, from a server for a simple project to a huge infrastructure. In this lab you will learn how technologies like virtual machines and containers can allow you run your app from everywhere, to not care about databases, servers, configuration or networking and just focus on the code.

Metoda de selecție:
Test + interviu


  • C++;
  • C#;
  • Python;
  • Linux;
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript.